creative block

Where to Get Ideas – Creative Block

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Like writer’s, crafters can get in a funk, too. You’re itching to create something, but you just can’t figure out what to make.

Well, instead of sitting down at your craft table in front your your beads, findings, tools, and supplies, leave the table and go out.

Check out a thrift store, craft and produce market, and yard sales.

You’ll be surprised how many fun ideas you will come across.

If you can’t find any of those places going on in your local area, go to the computer.

Search Pinterest, eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, YouTube, and various craft blogs. You don’t have to search “craft ideas” in order to find something to spark your interest. Search things that you’re interested in, colors, materials, or themes.

Consider a Google or Yahoo image search for up vintage jewelry and costume jewelry for new ideas.

You may be surprised what ideas you can come up with just spending 30 minutes searching Etsy or eBay. If you don’t see something you want to make, you may see a new color scheme you haven’t tried, a material you haven’t used in a while, or a blend of materials you’ve never considered.

If all else fails, use the creativity that you have building to bake a cake, cook a nice dinner, or just walk it off. Sometimes taking a break from focusing on your crafts will help you come up with ideas.