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How to Use a Crimping Tool

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Crimp beads are essential to use in near-about any jewelry project. The crimp bead holds your beads on the string, so that while you’re wearing your completed piece, you don’t have to worry about it falling a part.

A good set of crimping pliers are needed.

There are two types of crimping tools- 1) the two-step tool and 2) the one-step tool.

The basic, crimping tool is the one owned by many, and probably most, beaders.

This two-step tool requires you to string your crimp bead, thread your finding, and thread the string back through the crimp.

1. Using the back side of the tool, flatten your crimp bead.

2. Rotate the bead 90 degrees.

3. Use the front side of the tool, and complete the crimp.

There are some who just can’t get the ideal crimp without a fight using the two step process, which is why Bead Buddy created the one-step crimper. If you decide that you want to to try the one-step crimper tool, you’ll find that you don’t have to rotate the bead.

The Bead Buddy 1 Step Crimper is a little more expensive than the basic crimper tool, but some people do prefer it. I feel like I have more control over the 2 step crimper tool, but it’s all in preference.