triangle beads

Triangle Beads

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According to geometry class, there are different types of triangles, and you’ll find them in triangular shaped beads. The most common triangular-shaped beads include cone beads, pyramid beads, and trillion beads.

Basically, triangle beads are those beads with three base sides. You will find triangle beads that are flat, 3D and puffed; you’ll also find triangle beads with the hole placed through the top, center, corners or even the bottom of the bead.

  • Cone beads have a wide base that tapers to a point. You can find different types of cone findings that work great when creating multi-strand jewelry. Cone beads are an nice choice to separate beads of different sizes, like if you want a necklace to have a gradient from large to smaller beads.
  • Pyramid beads are 3D triangles.
  • Trillion beads are triangle-shaped beads with a large hole in the center, like a donut.
triangle beads
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triangle beads
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