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Striped Clay Bead Tutorial

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Amy Bee has this simple tutorial on making striped polymer clay beads.

When you’re using scrap clay, mix whatever scraps you have. You never know what pattern or color combinations that you’ll end up with. If you don’t have scraps, you can buy whatever color clay blocks you want and blend them together.

If you don’t typically work with polymer clay, check out the clearance isle of your local craft store. I know I’ve found many blocks of polymer clay on clearance because they’ve been busted open or damaged. If you’re looking for clay solely to make beads, the clearance isle is ideal for these projects.

Clay is a great medium to work with to make beads because it is easy to work with.

You can bend clay into all sorts of shapes, making round beads, cylinders, squares, and even fun-shaped pendants. You can blend colors to make a shade that you don’t have on hand, and you can mix clay with other objects, like sequins and jewels.