square beads

Square Beads

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There are a ton of square beads that you can choose from. Square beads differ from rectangle beads because they have even sides, whereas rectangle beads have two sides longer than the other two.

Flat squares and 3D cube beads make great accent beads to break up a strand of round beads.

You can find square beads made from glass, stone, acrylic, plastic and more.

Common types of square beads include cube beads, diamond beads and hassock beads.

  • Cube beads have 6 equal sides. The holes are drilled through the flat sides of the bead.
  • A diamond bead is a square that has been rotated 90-degrees and have the holes drilled in the corners. This type of bead is also called the corner-drilled square beads.
  • Hassock beads are basically cube beads with a puffed top and bottom; these beads are also called puffed cube beads or lantern beads.
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