spotted beads

Types of Spotted Beads

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Spotted beads can be quite popular, as they come in a variety of styles. You can find various background colors and different styles spots to suit just about any bead project. Whether you’re looking for pastel beads, translucent beads, or vintage beads, you’ll find spots of all sizes on beads of all sizes and types.

Personally, I like the vintage style spotted bead. The Japanese style beads have large, brightly-colored spots, generally on a white background, and your more European style vintage bead tends to have smaller, one-color spots.

You can also find stone beads that are spotted. Dalmatian Jasper and Green Agate are common stone beads with spots.

Cinder beads have black specks that are embedded in the surface of the bead.

Caleb Murdock

Picasso beads have a painted, artsy look to them. These beads are generally a translucent bead with fairly large and poorly formed spots.

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Some people refer to gossamer beads as spotted beads. These have a mottled or speckled finish, as though looking through fine silk or a spider web.