turquoise earrings

Simple Turquoise Earring Tutorials

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Earrings are probably one of the first things beaders learn how to make, and what’s great about making earrings is that you can put your own flare to them not matter what tutorial you follow.

Turquoise chips can be found in different types- real turquoise, acrylic, and synthetic. For earrings, depending on how many chips you’ll put on each earring, you may want to consider using a lighter bead, like the acrylic or synthetic turquoise.

You don’t want to make earrings too heavy, as they can become uncomfortable to wear.

uamouse has several bead tutorials on YouTube. This one is a simple earring tutorial using turquoise chips.

Sara Spoltore has several videos for beadsfriends.com that she posts on YouTube. This one is a simple earring tutorial that uses chain and turquoise chips. Unlike the loop earring above, this video tutorial is how to make a dangle earring.