seed beads

Types of Seed Beads

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There are different types of seed beads that can be used throughout your beadwork projects.

The most common is the basic round seed bead, but you’ll find that there are rocaille, delicas, cut beads, and other shapes of seed beads.

In many cases, you may find it useful to mix the different types of beads in your projects to create a different look. Bugle beads and rocaille beads are commonly mixed together in order create a 3D look to earrings and pendants.

Rocaille: (pronounced “roh-kai”) originally described a round, silver-lined seed bead with a square hole, but now refers to all round seed beads with either a round or a square hole. These type of beads are not uniform.

Delicas: (Japanese cylinder beads) are a perfect cylindrical size 11 seed beads that look like tiny rectangular tiles when woven in a pattern. They have a large hole for their size, making them light.

Bugle beads: a longer, tube-shaped bead.

Charlotte: a bead with one cut (or facet) that is ground into the bead to create sparkle.

2 cut: a bead that is cut (or facet) in two places, creating a reflective surface.

3 cut: a bead with all sides and ends cut (or faceted) to create the most reflective surface.

Triangle: a three-sided bead.

Hexagon: a six-sided seed bead.

Magnatama: a drop-shaped seed bead.