rectangle beads

Rectangle Beads

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Rectangle beads add dimension and boldness to any bead design. Because most beads have a round or circular shape, rectangular beads add something different.

There are different types of rectangle beads, to include nibblet beads, puffed rectangle beads (also known as the couch cushion bead), stick beads and tile beads.

  • Nibblet beads are small rectangular tile beads; basically, the nibblet bead is a smaller version of a puffed rectangle bead. This bead is also called chicklet beads, baby pillow beads and puffy pillow beads. 
  • Puffed rectangle beads are rectangular with rounded corners, like a couch cushion; some may even dome instead of having flat sides like tile beads.
  • Stick beads come in a variety of sizes and styles ranging from perfect rectangles to chipped rectangles.
rectangle bead
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