oriental trading

Oriental Trading

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oriental tradingA while back, I found a lady on Craigslist that was selling her bead collection. Her busy schedule was my fortune. When I brought the beads home, I started organizing and going through them all. Many of the beads and chain still had the Oriental Trading packaging.

I had never heard of the company before, but I liked what I saw from the collection that I had just purchased.

I jumped online, and found that the site has decent prices and loads of fun options that I could use for theme projects.

If you’re looking for holiday themes, animal groups, seasons, sports, food and beverages charms and beads, you’ll find them.

You’ll also find AB beads, fire polish beads, lampwork beads, and faceted beads. You’ll can find basic bead mixes for sale, as well.

This bead company also has findings, chains, thread, and all sorts of supplies that you may need. Some of the findings and supplies can be purchased for a lesser price elsewhere, but the variety of beads and bead sets is still pretty cool.

While you’re shopping for beads, you may want to check out the other items that you may be able to blend with your bead products- feathers, pipe cleaners, flowers, paint, markers, etc.

I find the ‘Sale’ items are always great, but for the most part, the site generally only knocks of $0.25-$0.75.

If you decide to buy from Oriental Trading, or you have previous purchased from them, add your experience below.