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Mashka Turquoise Bead Bracelet

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Check out this pretty neat bracelet.

It looks like the turquoise beads were strung on a piece of wire. That wire was then placed on metal, which was bent into place. The ends are protected with the bent metal, creating a decorative and completed finish.

This particular bracelet is sold for $248 on FreePeople.com, this is definitely something that you can make at home. All you need is the wire, beads, and a piece of metal.

  • String the beads on the wire, curling the ends of the wire so that the beads do not fall off.
  • Cut the metal to just wide enough to bend upward around the beads. You may have to taper the ends.
  • Place the string of beads on the metal, and bend up the sides creating a pocket to hold the beads in place. You can use the rubber end of a mallet to bend the metal in place without scratching the metal.
  • Fold over the metal over the tips of the beads. You may be able to use heat to ensure the tips are permanently in place; craft solders work great.

This may sound simple, but you’ll end up fighting with the metal, especially if you’re new to working with metal. Getting the height just right will also be a pain, so be patient when making your own Mashka turquoise bracelet.

freepeople turquoise bracelet

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