jewelry stand

Jewelry Stand

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I’m moving soon, and I want to make a new jewelry stand for my necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and such. Before, I was using a cheap jewelry stand that I used at reptile shows when I would offer jewelry for sale along with reptiles and reptile supplies.

That stand is awkward. It’s great because it holds tons of jewelry, but it’s just wide and takes up space on my craft table. Now, when I move, I’ll have a shelf above my table to put the stand, but then, I’ll have to reach around the table and hope I don’t spill anything. I’m thinking about making a display stand for the wall.

I started searching Pinterest for idea.

Check out what I found.

towel rackThis idea is great. I actually have an extra towel rack and shower rings that I bought for the house. I’m not sure if my shower rings will work, but the towel rod would, and it would be easy to install.

button frameThis would be pretty simple to make. Basically, purchase a piece of wood molding and angle cut the ends to create the frame; if you want to paint or stain the wood, do so now. Then, use a thin piece of wood for the backing; using a staple gun or glue, staple a thick material backing onto the wood and then staple the material you’ve chosen on top of that. Use a finishing nail, or some other small, thin nail to connect the frame and back. Use buttons for decoration and wood dowels or hooks for holding your jewelry.

picture frame displayThis one is similar to the one above. Instead of making your own frame, you could use one that you already have or go shopping at a yard sale or thrift mall for a cheap frame. You may still have to create your own backing so that you can add hooks that will hold your jewelry.

door knob displayThis is another one that I’m strongly considering. All you need is a piece of wood, cut to the length you want it. Paint it, stain it, distress it any way you want. Then buy knobs from a craft store or hardware store and screw them into the wood. The knobs are generally pretty cheap, and you can pick an assortment or all the same, depending on your decor.

shelf display

This guy would be easy to make. Using a piece of wood, you can cut it to your desired length and widths. Use wood glue and nails to connect it all together. Paint or stain the shelf before adding your hooks, and you’re all set. This is really a piece of decor with a function. I love this idea.

hanger displayFor those of you who use wood hangers, this would be perfect. All you would need is to add small hooks to the underside of the hanger. I don’t know if this is one that I’m going to consider, but it’s an awesome idea nonetheless, and it’s pretty cheap to make.

I may end up making two different jewelry displays. There are so many great ideas to consider.