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Home Party Tips

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When vending at craft fairs, you have to compete with other vendors, but when setting up an at home party, you’re the only seller. Home parties are a short investment with a large financial gain.

When setting up a home party, you don’t have to pay booth fees and you don’t have to sit all day or all weekend. You may have to offer free product to the hostess and spend a few hours showing off your work.

Home parties are casual and a great place to meet people, and you’ll find that when you attend a home party to show off and display your product, you have a better chance to creating a more personable line of merchandise.

How long should a home party be? About 3 hours

What sort of food should the hostess offer? Simple refreshments

How should I take payment? Cash is always easiest, but make sure to carry cash with you to make change. You can also accept check if you know the guests. Some may even consider taking credit card; Square is an easy-to-use system that you can download to your Android phone, iPhone, or tablet so that you can take credit cards with ease. The more payment options that you offer, the better odds that you will make the sale.

Should I sell my display pieces? You want to sell the items that you’ve set up on display. Don’t use sample pieces on display. Also keep in mind that home party purchases are impulse purchases, so make sure that you have everything that you want to offer on hand.

Custom orders: If you are offering complete custom orders, make sure that you get your customers to write down everything that they want. You don’t want any misunderstandings. Also, bring supplies to make adjustments for pieces that you already have made; once they’ve seen your product, your customers will want their pieces immediately not next week.

Should I offer incentives? Yes. Depending on what you have to offer, you can create different types of incentives for the hostess and the guests. You don’t want to give away all of your product, but you want to offer incentives so that you can create a larger customer base for your parties and products.

  • Hostess incentives can be determined by the dollar amount that you sell at the party. You can offer a tier incentive, where the more money you earn, the more of a discount you will offer the hostess when she buys her product.
  • Offer discounts for guests who book a home party with you, as well as discounts for the hostess for every party booked by her guests.
  • Offer repeat customer discounts, as well as repeat hostess discounts.