halloween beads

Cute Halloween Beads

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Fall is coming up, which means so is Halloween. Last year, I managed to find some cute Halloween themed beads to add to my collection. I’ve made cure earrings and bracelets from some of these beads.

Pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts, candy, candy corn, witches hats, and spiders make fun beads to add to any Halloween projects you may be working on.

Glass beads are my favorite to work with, but I also like to use silver charms. These can be used when making simple earrings, a charm bracelet, or even a necklace. Cute key chains can also be embellished with silver charms.

For the Halloween season, there are different spider charms that you may want to use. I have both spiders and spiders in their webs. I’ve

spider charms

Fun Halloween colors aren’t limited to just orange and black. Use shades of green and purple, too.

halloween beads