crackle beads

Crackle Beads

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Crackle beads have a pretty neat look. Basically, the crackle look is created when the bead is dropped into cold water while they are still hot; this process causes cracks in the glass.

There are some crackle beads that are painted with a crackle look, but are not true crackle beads.

Some find crackle beads weak, as they are literally cracked. I have never had any more problems with glass crackle beads than I have had with any other glass beads.

Although I’ve only featured round beads, you can find crackle beads in any shapes and sizes.

ATJewelrySupplies on Etsy
ATJewelrySupplies on Etsy
Heat cracked beadsBeaconBeads on Etsy
Heat cracked beads
BeaconBeads on Etsy
Frosted crackle beadsBellasBeadHabit on Etsy
Frosted crackle beads
BellasBeadHabit on Etsy
Acrylic painted crackle beadsBeadGala on Etsy
Acrylic painted crackle beads
BeadGala on Etsy