confetti beads

Confetti Beads

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Confetti beads are just like tortoise beads, except they have multi-colored stripes instead of black stripes. Usually, the stripes are pink, blue, and green, but can vary. They are typically uniform.

You may find some beads with sparkles, swirls, or splatter patterns labeled as confetti beads, but unless they have the semi-parallel stripe, the beads are most likely mislabeled. In many cases, these beads are mislabeled on the basis of the pattern looks like confetti, but appears in more of a splatter pattern.

Confetti beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors, but the ideal confetti bead follows the same specs as a tortoise bead with translucent bead with semi-parallel stripes.

confetti bead

Metallic Splatter Bead Mislabeled as a Metallic Confetti Bead
Japanese Spotted Bead Mislableed as a Japanese Confetti Bead