Need Inspiration for Color?

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Color is everywhere, but there are times where you may need help with color inspiration. I know I get stuck sometimes, and end up using the same handful of colors. This gets boring. I know it, and I know my boyfriend is thinking it when I show him my new pieces.

So, once in a while, I try new colors and new color combinations. I may try using gold findings instead of silver, which I normally use. Sometimes, though, it can be hard to think of inspiration while just looking at a wide array of beads and colors.

If you find yourself stuck in color ideas, take a break. Go to the park, go shopping, walk the dog, train the cat a fun trick.

Take your mind off your beads and crafts.

You will find colors everywhere. You’ll find color combinations everywhere.

While you are taking a break from your crafts, you’ll realize there are color combinations everywhere. So, when you are taking a break, your subconscious will be taking it all in.

This may sound simple, but our brains are complicated, and that’s really how your creativity works. Everything your brain has soaked up comes out in your work.

bead page break

As a side note, I found this interesting blog- Treasures Found– that has this great page of color combinations. Although, this particular page is from 2012, it’s still a great start to finding new color combinations that you may not normally use. Plus, it’s a great start to coming up with your own color combinations.