clay pendant

Make Polymer Clay Pendants

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Making your own pendants not only saves you money from buying expensive pendants, but it also gives you more lee-way with your designs. When you make your centerpiece, you have more options, but when you limit yourself to the store shelf, your beadwork will also be limited.

There are many designs and techniques that you can use when playing with clay, but always ensure that you always use the clay manufacturer’s instructions on baking.

This first technique uses stamps and clay coloring to create design for the pendant.

In this second tutorial for a swirled polymer clay pendant, all you need is different colors of clay to create a swirl look.

When using clay for jewelry, I recommend using a clay glaze to complete all pieces. The glaze will create a finished gloss look. Depending on how much you use, the degree of shine will vary. I prefer to use liquid polymer, which can be used as an adhesive and a gloss finish.