microbead clay beads

Polymer Clay Bead Tutorial

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Linda Murrary originally posted this image on Pinterest, and I think that it’s an awesome idea. These are simple beads that are made of polymer and rolled in micro beads. Each bead ends up completely unique.

Pick the color clay you want to use.

Choose a corresponding color and size micro beads. Microbeads are sold in numbers colors but only in a few different teeny sizes. Depending on the size of beads you plan to make, choose the microbeads accordingly. For larger beads, you may want larger micro beads, or for a thinner cover, you may want larger micro beads.

If you want a metallic look, you can even choose a glitter to roll the clay into before rolling the clay into the micro beads.

Once you have all your materials, roll out a strip of clay into a long cylinder and measure out your beads, slicing the clay.

You can make the cylinder as thick or think as you plan on making your beads. Same goes with the width of the ball. The longer the cut, the larger the bead, and vice versa.

Roll the small cylinders into balls, ovals, cubes, or whatever shape you want for your beads.

Carefully thread them, making a hole for stringing.

Roll the polymer clay beads in your color choice of micro beads and lightly press them into the clay to ensure that they bake into the bead. Depending on how raised you want the micro beads to appear, press them lighter or deeper into the clay.

Bake the beads according the the clay manufacture’s direction.

Let your new beads cool. Once they’re cool, get beading!!!

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