bugle beads

Bugle Bead Size Chart

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Bugle beads are a type of seed bead. Instead of a round bead, they are glass rods that are cut into longer lengths.

It’s common to see bugle beads and round seed beads used together as part of many bead projects. whether they be used for earrings or bracelets. Bugle beads are a common type of seed bead that comes in many sizes and colors.

This type of bead is numbered (smallest to largest) 1-5, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40.

When looking at the size of bugle beads, consider that #1 bugle bead measures about 1/8″, and #40 bead measures about 1-5/8″.

Knowing the size of the bead, will help you prepare your bead crafts. You can better determine how many beads you should need to complete the craft.