bicone beads

Bicone Beads

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A biocone is a 3D geometric shape that looks like two cones joining at their bases. Bicone beads are popular when used in jewelry making, especially for earrings and bracelets.

These beads can create quite a fancy look to any piece of beadwork. They come in a variety of sizes and types. Some are faceted, whereas others may be more smooth in appearance. Some are made of glass, whereas others may be made of crystal or acrylic.

Swarovski crystal bicone beads are quite popular, but they can be expensive. A nice alternative is the acrylic bicone bead; they have a clean faceted look. The acrylic beads are lightweight and much cheaper, so you save money and create something equally as nice.

Hogan beads are a type of bicone bead that has corrugate patter; these are often made of metal and used as spacer beads.

You can buy biocone beads at your local craft store, but you can find them cheaper online and in bulk quantities. You’ll also find when shopping online, the style and types of beads that are available will be much more varied than what you will find at your local store.

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