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Beading Daily iPhone App

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Beading Daily is an awesome site that offers tutorials, eBooks, magazines, paper books, videos, and loads of resources

I subscribed to their blog a while back, and since then get the emails when a new post is updated, a sale occurs, and the weekly round-up.

I didn’t realize that they had an App, as well. Personally, the iPhone app is so much better than the emails. The App has all the updated blog posts in one central location without having to use a mobile internet browser.

The one thing that it’s missing are the updates for sale items, so I guess I’m going to have to keep the email subscription. But, I’ll be able to go to the App on my iPhone when I see a post that may catch my eye.

The Beading Daily App is free.

It offers Latest Blogs, Latest Videos, a Glossary, and the ability to join the free newsletter.

When looking at one of the blog posts, you can go to the main browser on your phone from the app by clicking the green arrow in the upper right-hand corner. This may be beneficial if the application leaves out some feature the mobile site may include.

beading daily app