bead sizes

Bead Size Chart

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When working with beads, you’ll quickly learn the metric system, as beads are measured in millimeters. It can be confusing to start with, but with a bead chart, you can keep up with what sizes you use most often and what size beads you want to use for your projects.

One of the most common size bead is the 6mm bead, which is about a 1/4″. A 12mm bead is about 1/2″, an 18mm bead measures about the size of a dime, and a 25.4mm bead is about an inch.

You can print a sizable Bead Size Chart with this PDF. Just click the link and print.

Knowing the size of bead, will help you figure out how many beads you may need for a necklace or bracelet.

2mm – 200 beads per 16″ strand
4mm – 100 beads per 16″ strand
6mm – 65 beads per 16″ strand
8mm – 50 beads per 16″ strand
10mm – 40 beads per 16″ strand
12mm – 32 beads per 16″ strand
14mm – 28 beads per 16″ strand

Keep in mind that the bead size is calculated by the distance between the holes, regardless of the shape of the bead.