pinched oval beads

Baroque Bead VS Pinched Oval Bead

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Pinched oval beads are often labeled as baroque beads and there’s a simple reason for this… Baroque beads are more commonly known and searched than pinched oval beads.

Baroque beads are more-or-less round. It is an uneven shaped bead, and you’ll find that no two good baroque beads are exactly the same shape. You will find that molded beads will generally have the same look and shape, as they are machine made, and it’s easier to make a larger number of beads at one time that it is to hand craft one at a time.

Pinched oval beads are oval beads with a flat or angled dent on two or more sides. They are similar to baroque beads, but baroque is a term used for rounded beads.

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Baroque Beads
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Oval Pinched Bead
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