triangle beads

Triangle Beads

According to geometry class, there are different types of triangles, and you’ll find them in triangular shaped beads. The most common triangular-shaped beads include cone beads, pyramid beads, and trillion beads. Basically, triangle beads are those beads with three base sides. You will find triangle beads that are flat, 3D and puffed; you’ll also find […]

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square beads

Square Beads

There are a ton of square beads that you can choose from. Square beads differ from rectangle beads because they have even sides, whereas rectangle beads have two sides longer than the other two. Flat squares and 3D cube beads make great accent beads to break up a strand of round beads. You can find […]

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chip beads

Chip Beads

Chip beads are very popular in all sorts of jewelry and beaded crafts. They’re small, irregularly shaped beads. You will find a lot of stone chip beads, but you can also find glass chip beads. Chip beads are smaller and flatter than nugget beads, but like nugget beads, chip beads have a natural shape. Chip […]

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rectangle beads

Rectangle Beads

Rectangle beads add dimension and boldness to any bead design. Because most beads have a round or circular shape, rectangular beads add something different. There are different types of rectangle beads, to include nibblet beads, puffed rectangle beads (also known as the couch cushion bead), stick beads and tile beads. Nibblet beads are small rectangular […]

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eye pin

No Eye Pins

Don’t you hate when you’ve got a new idea and you realize that you don’t have enough supplies to finish, much less start. Earlier this afternoon, I tried setting up a collegiate necklace for my Etsy store. I had everything laid out with my chain, beads and focal charm. But, I didn’t have any eye […]

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